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© accioloki

Captain MacGregor scowled at the high tones echoing around the hold.
"Klaxon, if you don’t put that bloody tin whistle of yours down, I’ll throw it off the starboard stern!"

Silence followed until a high metallic voice called back “It’s a flute actually…”

And done!

She was meant to be part of the Siren group of bots that went to the docks and sang to the sailors… but due to a tinny vocoder, the other bots and sailors nick-named her Klaxon. Her response?

"Better than Foghorn, I guess…"

Deciding to stowaway on a merchant ship, not being able to fulfil her purpose, she found a flute in the hold of the ship, dusty and worn, but playable. Forcing her face plates to work around the odd embrasure, she eventually got it to work.

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