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CockGlock: Mac, you have a problem with RDJ
Mac: no i don't
CockGlock: I've seen your boyfriend. I know how your mind works.
Mac: ..... it's not that way round, you cockface
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Do other people get embarrassed at what music they listen to? Especially if it’s old and no one knows it?

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 #omg i’d be freaking out if i was that close to being cut in half #but tony’s just ‘welp there goes the door oh well’

#i love how he just tosses it on the ground #like #‘well fuck i guess i gotta replace that now jesus”


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True, that.



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On the phone with my friend in korea and he’s explaining to me in english that he must stop smoking because he doesn’t want to become impotent. 

Walking down Gangnam street he says (in english) “I must stop smoking for my dick. My dick is important. If my dick does the broken I cannot sex.”

and I hear in absolute plain english behind him “WHAT” 

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mads mikkelsen being a cutie pie on the set of hannibal

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